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monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets
monogram sets

New Monogram Style for May 2015

Flourishes Monogram Set 3 Flourishes Monogram Set 3
Introductory Price: $11.96

This group of ten motifs is digitized from researched artwork that ranges from 1899 through 1956. These designs can be used individually, or mirrored and copied within your embroidery software program to create brackets or frames. We have provided the opportunity to make these multi-colored by inserting color changes between elements, but you can easily sew these all as single-color motifs in one color.

The free letter of the month is "1899" from the Monogram Flourishes Set 3.

On Sale This Month - 15% off

Arabesque Monogram Set 11 Arabesque Monogram Set 11
Sale Price: $25.46 - 15% off

A flowing vertical style - not too feminine, not too masculine. This satin stitch monogram style is digitized from 19th Century artwork. Good choice for linens. A very much enlarged style - 8 or 9 inches - would look great on a shower curtain or pillow.

Arabesque Monogram Set 11 is included in the following Guided Search categories: Vertical, Wide, Heirloom, Towels, Bed Linens, Tote Bags Purses.

Monograms in the Movies

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Monograms in the Movies

An archive of film scenes with monograms - updated monthly.

  • Laura (1944)

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monogram sets monogram sets
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