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monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets
monogram sets

New Monogram Style for February 2017

Frames Monogram Set Frames Monogram Set 2
Introductory Price: $11.96

This group of 5 frame motifs is the result of experiments with combining letters and design elements from our existing Monogram Sets - isolated, rotated, copied, mirrored - sometimes a bit taller here, a tiny bit wider or narrower there. Any manipulation we have done could also easily be accomplished in your embroidery software program.

The free letter of the month is "Frame: C" from the Monogram Frames Set .

On Sale This Month - 15% off

Circle Monogram Set 1 Circle Monogram Set 1
Sale Price: $25.46 - 15% off

A true classic monogram, from the 1950s - think "circle pins", cashmere sweaters." Merge designs to create any combination of three letters, then surround them with the optional circular border. The letters and the circle are elegant satin stitches. Great on towels, linens, high-fashion garments, scarves, etc. Endless possibilities!

Circle Monogram Set 1 is included in the following Guided Search categories: Vertical, Modern, Shapes Rounded, Borders Hard, Embellished Abstract, Towels, Tote Bags Purses.

Monograms in the Movies

Special Feature
Monograms in the Movies

An archive of film scenes with monograms - updated monthly.

We need your help to keep this feature going - please keep an eye out for monograms in the movies.

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